How It Works

  • Measure combustion in ultra-harsh environments
  • Temperature, O2, H2O, CO, and CO2
  • Real-time, in-situ measurement using laser technology

Laser-based, Ultra-harsh Combustion Monitoring System

Founded in 1999, Zolo Technologies, Inc. provides unique laser-based combustion monitoring systems that simultaneously measure key combustion constituents such as temperature, O2, H2O, CO and CO2 in real-time and in-situ directly in ultra-harsh combustion environments for the power generation, chemical and refining, and industrial process industries.

Unique, Innovative & Proven

Zolo Technologies leverages over 15 years of Stanford University research to deliver proven and innovative wavelength – multiplexed tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (WM-TDLAS) sensors that combine multiple lasers, fiber-optic architecture and sophisticated spatial presentation techniques to monitor and profile combustion zone constituents.   Zolo has over 50 ZoloBOSS and ZoloSCAN installations world-wide.

Better Measurements, Better Results

Zolo’s TDLAS combustion monitoring system identifies combustion imbalances and allows operators to balance and optimize combustion for higher efficiency, lower NOx, CO and CO2 emissions and improved process yield/quality. ZoloSCAN systems are currently available for:  steam methane reformers, ethylene cracking, steel reheat, electric-arc furnaces and glass furnaces.  ZoloBOSS systems are available for fossil-fired steam boiler applications.