Laser Combustion Diagnostics for Power Gen, Steel, Petrochem, Refineries

How It Works

World Class TDLAS Technology Optimizing Combustion Since 1999

For more than 15 years Zolo Technologies, Inc. have been providing unique laser-based combustion monitoring systems that simultaneously measure key combustion constituents such as temperature, O2, H2O, CO and CO2 in real-time and in-situ directly in ultra-harsh combustion environments for the Power Generation, EAF Steelmaking, Steel Reheat Furnaces, Chemicals and Refining, Steam Methane Reforming and Ethylene industries. Currently there are more than 100 systems worldwide. ZoloSCAN exclusively offers Wavelength – Multiplexed Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (WM-TDLAS), SensAlign auto alignment and multipath systems for MAXIMUM RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Real Time Process Feedback from Inside the Furnace

ZoloSCAN TDLAS combustion optimization systems identify combustion imbalances and allows operators to balance and optimize combustion for higher efficiency along with lower NOx, CO and CO2 emissions resulting in higher process yield and product quality. ZoloSCAN TDLAS measures temperature and products of combustion with laser accuracy exactly where control information is needed in as many different locations as required. The system is designed for each specific combustor or furnace and ZoloSCAN TDLAS reports data at High speed (as fast as 2 seconds).


Laser precision, laser focus, laser vision