CoalGen 2010: Increasing Bio-mass Co-firing Through In-furnace Measurement and Combustion Optimization

Posted on: Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Mark E, a provider of 7600 MWe of power in south western Germany, has completed the installation and integration of a 7 x 7 grid ZoloBOSS™ system along with a Siemens SPPA P3000 to enable them to measure and automate performance improvements in their bio-mass co-fired unit 4 at Elverlingsen.

Elverlingsen’s goal is to increase the amount of biomass used without increasing emissions. Elverlingsen, unit 4 is a down-fired unit where burner balance is critical, but measurement in the combustion is especially challenging. In multiple experiments in the past, increasing biomass firing had failed. With combustion zone measurements from the ZoloBOSS feeding into a combination of model-based control and non-linear neural net optimization, of the SPPA P3000, the plant is now able to make incremental changes in air and fuel flow, on-line in real-time.

According to Martin Heesemann, from Mark E, the decision to purchase the integrated Siemens/Zolo Technologies solution was driven by a potential savings if 1 million Euro per year.