Zolo, Alliant and EPRI present at EUEC 2014 Conference in Phoenix

Posted on: Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Zolo, Alliant Energy and EPRI presented a paper at the 2014 Energy, Utility and Environmental Conference

(EUEC) in Phoenix.  The paper detailed a joint project at the Ottumwa Power Station, where the ZoloBOSS combustion monitoring system was used to gather real-time combustion data (temperature, O2 and CO) directly in the furnace to balance and optimize combustion in each furnace. Ottumwa is a twin-furnace, tangentially-fired 800MW furnace.  As a result, the superheat and reheat steam temperatures were increased by 6°F and 18°F respectively;  NOx was reduced by 5% and auxiliary power was reduced 2MW.

For a copy of the presentation, click here ZoloBOSS Ottumwa EUEC 2014-02-03