ZoloSCAN-EAF : Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Combustion Optimization

ZoloSCAN-EAF : Fast, reliable and accurate TDLAS technology

  • Improve post combustion efficiency
    • Energy Savings
    • Safer Operations
  • Dynamic control of oxygen injection
    • Monitor CO/CO2 in real time, in-situ
    • Near real time (2 second update rate)
  • Water leak detection
    • Direct measurement of H2O in off gas
    • Rapid alert of upset conditions

Better Measurement, Better Results

EAF steelmaking requires a tight control of end-point carbon concentration and temperature for optimum product quality. The variable composition of scrap steel can make the control process very difficult and often results in low energy efficiency and/or high emissions due to sub-optimal combustion. High levels of CO exiting the “fourth hole” of an EAF are an indication of lost latent chemical energy. Traditional off gas monitors are either: not effective in this ultra-harsh combustion environment; cannot measure the critical constituents of CO and CO2; or do not provide real-time, quick response information for operators to optimize the process. The ZoloSCAN-EAF, measures the temperature, H2O, CO and CO2 in real-time, directly in the fourth hole duct exiting the furnace using non-intrusive TDLAS technology. The ZoloSCAN-EAF delivers quantitative, actionable information rapidly that can be used for off gas monitoring and to reduce post combustion, detect water leaks and to improve EAF performance.

Electric Arc Furnace Schematic Showing ZoloSCAN-EAF Probe Location


The ZoloSCAN-EAF sensor measures the flue gas across the 4th hole exhaust.