ZoloSCAN-RHT : Steel Reheat Furnace Combustion Optimization

ZoloSCAN-RHT : Benefits of Combustion Monitoring for Steel Reheat Furnaces


  • Reduce fuel consumption
    • Balance and optimize excess O2 in real time
    • Improve combustion efficiency
  • Zone by zone control
    • Independently control each heating zone
    • Provide diagnostics for problem detection such as leaks, valve failures and process control problems
  • Improve yield
    • Monitor excess O2 levels to minimize scale formation
    • Adjust each zone independently
  • Improve safety
    • Minimize CO escaping from doors into working areas

Better Measurement, Better Results

High efficiency operation of any furnace requires accurate and representative measurements of the O2 and CO to ensure CO levels are minimized without using excessive amounts of combustion air. This is particularly important for steel reheat furnaces, as high O2 levels will lead to excessive scale and resulting product loss, further decreasing efficiency. Steel reheat furnaces typically have multiple zones, each with a set of burners that requires an optimized air/fuel ratio. Because these zones are arranged in series, monitoring O2 and CO at the stack does not help an operator balance the individual zones, much less the individual burners. Proper balancing requires sensors located at the outlet of each combustion zone or at the end of the burner flames, but sensors available for use directly inside the furnace are very limited. The ZoloSCAN-RHT, measures the temperature, O2, H2O and CO across the entire furnace in real-time, directly inside the reheat furnace using TDLAS technology. The ZoloSCAN-RHT delivers fast, quantitative, actionable information that can be used for combustion monitoring and balancing to improve furnace performance and safety.

ZoloSCAN-RHT Schematic


ZoloSCAN Schematic
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Actionable Information for Steel Reheat Furnaces

The ZoloSCAN-RHT interface provides real-time combustion health information for each zone of the furnace. Operators can use the ZoloSCAN-RHT interface to make adjustments to the air/fuel ratio of each zone or to make manual adjustments to select burners to improve the oxygen and CO balance in the furnace. The ZoloSCAN-RHT measurement paths provide a more representative sample of the overall excess O2 levels at the outlet of each individual furnace zone. Better control of the O2 levels ensures better control of the fuel consumption and CO emissions.

Side and Plan View of ZoloSCAN-RHT Layout in Reheat Furnace


Sample ZoloSCAN-RHT interface for Steel Reheat