Gas Turbine Combustion Monitoring
and Diagnostics

Zolo Technologies’ core technology uses Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) to measure in the high temperature and high pressure combustion environment of a combustion gas turbine. The Zolo TDLAS sensor provides an accurate measurement of the temperature, pressure and water concentration just downstream of the combustion zone in a gas combustion turbine. Significant development work has been completed on aero-propulsion applications in conjunction with the United States Department of Defense as part of its Joint Strike Fighter program. This development work provides the technology platform for applications in combustion gas turbine combustion monitoring and diagnostics.

ZoloBOSS: Benefits of Gas Turbine Monitoring


  • Improve health monitoring of combustion
  • Increase availability
  • Improve combustion turbine efficiency
  • Reduce emissions (NOx and C02)

Better Measurements, Better Results

Traditional thermocouples and sensors do not provide reliable, long life measurements in the turbine combustion zones due to the harsh environment. The ZoloBOSS combustion monitoring system utilizes TDLAS technology to measure key combustion parameters such as temperature and water concentration directly in the combustion chamber or at the exhaust. This provides operators with critical, real-time information to diagnose and optimize the operation and reliability of the gas turbine.