ZoloSCAN Technology Overview

Zolo Technologies, Inc. provides laser-based combustion monitoring and diagnostic solutions that simultaneously measure key combustion constituents in real-time and in ultra-harsh combustion environments. Zolo Technologies employs innovative and proven, Wavelength – Multiplexed Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (WM-TDLAS) technology which combines lasers and fiber-optics to measure and profile the combustion zone reactions in an unprecedented way.

Multiple Path, WM-TDLAS-based Combustion Measurement Solutions

The ZoloSCAN technology is unique in that it combines many lasers onto a single optical fiber and then transmits the combined light across the furnace. Light is collected by a receiver and conveyed back to the control rack where the absorbed light is measured to determine individual concentrations. Each path simultaneously measures an average concentration of O2, CO, CO2, H2O, and temperature. Fiber optic distribution networks can be arranged to provide multiple laser paths across any area of the combustor or furnace.

ZoloSCAN enables FAST ROI

  • Fuel savings — precision control of air to fuel ratio in real time
  • Emissions reduction — path averaged temperature and CO in the right place
  • High reliability
    • Auto alignment — accounts for movement and vibration of furnace
    • Overcomes opacity — laser permeates dusty gas for continuous measurement
    • Robust design — withstands harsh plant environments
  • Flexible — adjusts to continuous change of fuel mix or any combustion condition