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Power Engineering magazine article on combustion optimization using ZoloBOSS

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Power Engineering magazine features article entitled “Plant Performance Improvements by Enhanced Combustion Optimization”. The article discusses plants at KCPL LaCygne in the USA and Huaneng Rizhao in China that utilize the ZoloBOSS laser-based combustion monitoring system and the Siemens P3000 combustion optimizer to improve combustion efficiency and reduce emissions.
Plant Performance Improvements by Enhanced Combustion Optimization

Zolo Presents at American Flame Research Committee Conference 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Zolo presented results from two separate demonstration installations of the ZoloSCAN-SMR TDLAS sensor system on Steam Methane Reformers at the 2013 American Flame Research Committee Conference. The ZoloSCAN-SMR provides two-dimensional information on temperature and species concentration distributions (O2, CO, and H2O) inside the operating SMR furnace. This unique data set allows the operator to balance the temperature distribution in the furnace as well as insuring that the desired distribution of O2 and fuel is realized. The value of such a system for operating SMRs includes contributions from improved efficiency, longer tube life, increased catalyst life, reduced emissions, remote monitoring, and safety. Results at both nominally well-run plants indicate that: 1) significant combustion profile imbalances were initially present in both furnaces upon installation, 2) the data provided by the ZoloSCAN-SMR can be used to improve balance by manually tuning burners, and 3) significant ROI will be realized as a result of long-term implementation and optimization.

AFRC 2013-Application of Advanced 2D Diagnostics for the Optimization of Combustion in Steam Methane Reformers

Zolo presents at PowerGen Asia 2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Zolo presented at PowerGen Asia 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand on a recent ZoloBOSS project in China. The presentation discussed the importance of combustion balance to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. The project was on a 600MW tangential-fired boiler in China where with the ZoloBOSS and a Siemens P3000 combustion optimizer, the efficiency was improved by 0.49% and NOx was reduced by 14%.