ZoloBOSS: Combustion Monitoring in Power Generation Applications

Better Measurements, Better Results

Traditional sensors do not permit measurements directly in harsh combustion environments such as coal-fired furnaces or combustion turbines. The ZoloBOSS combustion monitoring system, however, measures key combustion constituents such as temperature, H2O, O2 and CO directly in the combustion zone to balance and optimize combustion.

Fossil-fired Power Plants


Competition from renewable and natural gas-fired generation, plus more stringent emissions requirements for NOx, CO and CO2 are forcing improvements in coal power plant efficiency and emission reductions. The most cost-effective way to increase efficiency and reduce emissions is to optimize the combustion process.

Real-time, in-situ combustion measurements are not available with traditional sensor technology. However, the ZoloBOSS laser-based combustion monitoring system can simultaneously measure temperature, H2O, CO and O2 directly in the furnace to identify localized imbalances and then balance combustion.

The ZoloBOSS was designed to measure in the harsh environment of a fossil-fired furnace. The laser-based technology can penetrate through flame, dust and ash to measure multiple constituents simultaneously and in multiple locations with a single instrument in order to provide a real-time profile of combustion. The system can be integrated into existing control systems or a closed-loop combustion optimization system to improve combustion balance and optimize performance. Many coal-fired power plants achieve a payback within several months based on coal savings and lower emissions.

Combustion Turbines


Zolo Technologies has spent several years developing a laser-based combustion monitoring system for turbine applications. Initial research and development was performed with the Department of Defense and jet engine manufacturers for aero-propulsion applications such as the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) engine program. However, this development work would also apply to stationary natural gas combustion turbine applications.

Designed to measure at high temperature and pressure, the Zolo combustion monitoring and diagnostic system for gas turbine applications detects combustion temperature anomalies in real-time to allow for manual adjustments or power reductions to prevent operational damage to the turbine.  Integration with a real time active tuning system could adjust the fuel staging or air fuel ratio to counteract changes in fuel composition and permit maximum power output under all input conditions.